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> I respond to this and state that there are 313 names of men of the Ongar
> & District who perished in Worls War 1 only. There are no names of
> WWII casualties on the Hospital Roll of Honour they are only in St Martins
> Church, Ongar

With the 90th anniversary of the ending of World War One shortly, I have been researching the names of those on local War Memorials at Blackmore and Stondon Massey. I visited (the outside of) Ongar War Memorial Hospital today only to find that the memorial itself must be inside the building. The door is security controlled so it was not possible to simply walk in and take a look. ... and I felt it inappropriate to ring the bell of the Physio. Dept. so just took a picture of the outside of the building. Does anyone have a transcription of these names? Has it been published or placed on the Internet?

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